god had run

down from the sun,

to find out that his only son,

was dying of disease, or so he reckonned.

but to his shock,

there stood a rock,

and on it, names of men in chalk

erasing at a rate of one a second.


he looked around

the ground, and found

that people, they don't make sound,

unless they are the singled-out magicians.

and if somone

would try the horn

they'll tear him down with laugh and scorn,

and prove him wrong with chairs and electrition.


god turned back

and took the sack

of wishes, he found on the track

that leads from here to where nobody bothers.

but most of them

oh, what a shame,

were people killing in his name

asking him "oh lord, please save our mothers"


so he asked

himself what has

happened to that holy task

he gave mankind, while sending him from eden.

you've gone so wild

my dearest child

you've over-runned, you've over-miled.

this is not the right path, the one you're leadin'


after that

he wandered at

a graveyard, where he met a rat

who looked at him with eyes of mist compassion.

said "what the heck

did you expect

when you created greed and sex,

and let the people run after their passion".


then with a sigh

god turned to sky

and floated back, to way up high.

to sink himself to death with grief and sorrow.

then hurricanes

and acid rain

were sent to earth, to end our reign.

and god was left alone with no tomorrow.