I put on my black long coat and I walk your way again

This is tiresome, but I can’t pretend

That I am happy


Searching for the thing that will make me scream


Will…make. Me…scream


I put on my leather coat and walk down the rain

Inside I am tired of feeling down the pain

Empty place for my heart

Memories and feeling are all falling apart

I keep on walking


But there is no way for me!!!

{Sounds like from a microphone: no way for me}


Shut it out let the shall rage

What ever left for me to engage?

(There no place for me)

Shout it out and let the night drive

Inside a falling of delight



Night life, show me down the way

Make my mask glow as I am insane

(I keep on walking)

Night life, lie to me

Tell me that I worth it.

Night life, let me feel the vain

(Lie to me again)


I put my knife down and let the blood run

This night looks like there´s going to be some fun

(In a silent voice: let the blood run)

I´m walking down the path

That keeps the regret here

I´m walking down the road to no redeem

(blood   ,lie)

I see your face around my coat

And I have been here before

And I have been here before

And I have been here before …


But this time to no return

I will end this walking.