The stars will not come tonight
The air is much too fogy
The darkness is roaming alone
While dead cities are falling.

And I am smoking down the air
Cause no one really cares and it
All poison just the same

Un-trusted path of pain
In this rocky way drive me insane
And there is music in my brain
Asking me: “for what I try if it all the same?”

Dance with me, dance with me again
The voices are calling
Bleed with us bleed with us again
There is no other way that it will turn at the end
So before the final stand I will hold your hand


We walking again and again
Is there really a better way?
We are going in circle and spin
Making and waking, in a world that sick as a sin
We waltz in this vain
While the voices laughing insane: “what your move?”
And I am moving slowly to a better kind of pain

The sun might not come back but
it the moon that lost in this darkness
But I only miss the start that shine the brightest
And for that Into unheard voices I am begging
Lie to me, lie to me again
Tell me I haven´t left you in vain
Be unfaithful with me again, tell me how perfectly
You all understand.

But there is no answer…, so before the wheel will turn
At time that takes it torn, I will surrender
To an old music play, that is lost this in this pain and anger
And I will cry for your hand
Before reality will soon hit me to insane
in this darkness I am calling

Dance with me, dance with me, dance with me again