On that night Michael Jackson rose from the grave
Just like the prophet Yehezkel had said
And danced before millions of blind witnesses
But she, the old woman, wasn`t afraid,
As he danced three dimensional on the stage
 Wearing the colors of yellow and red
Lucky to be alive - after his death.
Then came the twelve o`clock dramatic newsbreak
Of three hundred children in a boat that were saved
As they crossed over continents to flee from their fate
For they could not walk on the water.
Sweet Jesus, where are you! The black children wept.
It was the end of Days, come at last, The End,
And she was young no more, but she was glad
That she did not have much to wait.
That she did not have much to wait.

21  May, 2014


הולוגרמה של מ.ג'אקסון, ב-18 במאי

More than 100children and babies rescued from Sicily-bound fishing boat in middle ofMediterranean crammed with nearly 500 migrants from Syria, Egypt and Bangladesh
Nearly 500 illegal immigrants have been rescued from Mediterranean
Desperate refugees were making crossing from Africa into Europe
133 of them were children, many of whom were unaccompanied
Majority of children to make crossing this year were without parents
Save the Children warn there are not enough resources to care for them

They were rescued on Monday (20 May)  by the Italian frigate Grecale and the patrol ship Foscari. .

הערה - הסבר -  לקורא. יצירה זו נכתבה לאחר שבמופע כלשהו ב-21 בחודש העלו הולוגרמה של מייקל ג'קסון שרקד בין בני התמותה. וזו תממשות של נבואת הנביא יחזקאל...ולמחרת הראו ספינה מלאה ילדים טבועים ואחדים ניצלו - אז השתמשתי שם גם בלשון של בני האמונה האחרת.