She said "Look"! I looked.

She said "It´s beautiful!" And I smiled.

She said "Let me try!" So I warned her.

She said "It´s fun!". I laughed.

She said "I want to go back". I wanted too.

She said "It hurts!" And I was sorry.

She said "Help me!" But I couldn´t.

She said "It´s not fair" And I agreed.

She said "Go away!" So I went.

She said "Mirrors can´t talk". So I was quiet.

She said "Come back!" But I didn´t.

She said "Please, I need you!" So I did.

She said "Let´s trade places."


I say "Look!" She looks.

I say "You are beautiful!" And she smiles.

I say "Try!" But she won´t.

I say "It´s not too bad". She laughs.

I say "Don´t you want to come back?" She keeps quiet.

I say "Hurting is part of living" Her tears are answer enough.

I say "Only you can help yourself." She covers her eyes.

I say "Don´t go away!" But she goes.

I say "Come back!"  

I say "You owe it to yourself."

I say "I love you". She turns around.

I say "Are you ready?" She nods.


She says "Thank you."