a man with a big tool

טוב אז ככה, זה השיר הראשון שלי שניסיתי לעבוד על משמעויות כפולות. יש לי כלפיו רגשות מעורבים, מה אתם אומרים

there was once a man

not just a man,

he was what some may say

a man with a big say.


he was ... how to say?

well "equipped" in a sort of way

he had one very big tool,

and god could he be cruel.


every morning he would tune it very much,

after all he had to keep fit, so such.

he would push and push and push so hard

and god how did he work hard


he worked all day,

he was a farmed in a certain way,

how he used his tool all day long

and god did he enjoy  how it went on.


because, you see

he was quite a bee

he was always very active

and god was he effective...


and now night is falling

after a day of so very hard working

he now put his tool back to place and tranquility came to his face.

and between a snore to snore, his tool moved in grace...