The shadows you heart cast on my skin are eternal scares

Every smile is forever treasured in my memories

For you have blessed me with your presence, and with your love


The light your heart had cast on my soul heal  all scares

I am never alone when I glimpse into our sheared memories

For you are blessing my world with every breath of your love


The warmth of the day embraced me, and with the sun,

kept me alive

You came and shone upon me

And all I saw was a bright light


In the cold of the night your embrace was worm to my body,

and kept me alive

I was born to let you shine with me

Because you are my brightest light


When I was too tired to breathe you have breath for me

And helped me cross the ocean of tormenting emotions

So do not desert me now, nor ever

For the time is been hard

Help me live once more, and I will shine with you


If it is too hard to breathe I will let you breathe through me

And together we will cross the ocean of tormenting emotions

Do you believe I will desert you now, or ever

For the time is been hard?

We are alive, forever loved; I am shining because of you