Why thou shall weep? Thou art my dearest

I have sacrificed all for thy happiness and thy boon

I pray that thee shell find purpose and meaning

I wish I could hath been it, though I am not

Forgive me, my lovely rose


Thou wish me to leave,

I can see it in thy eyes

Thy eyes, crystal-like, pure and easy for me to read

I can read thee so easily, and thou wish me to leave

And so I leave…


With rue and pain, but for thy please,

I leave…


Thy ruddy-hued lips art trying to tell me,

But thy voice fails

And so-my ears fail, and I cannot hear the song of my nightingale

It is me who failed


At the doorstep-my heartbeat almost lost

For only one kiss, one song, one glimpse at her eyes

For only that I crave and prey

But if I could hast one kiss, one song, one glimpse at her eyes

I will be lost in her embrace forever

And for her I will be lost


But then I can hear-

Thy ruddy-hued lips speak, the song-

"Doth not leave!"

And I shall stay…


Mayhap I will never be thy boon, thy happiness

But, all in all, at least I am thy lief, thy dearest

And so my rose blooms within my soul