Behold a joncund morn indeed!-

Sun on high-birds in sky

A cloudless shine

with no sorrow to find


The gentle-innocent gust of wind

Took ne up to the sky above

I fly with the singing birds

That hail to the joyful day


No, that is a lie!

Lief I am not!

my words are but a twist


Any more I cannot stay

In this life of lie

Lie of impure men

Men who desecrate the Sun


With joy I had came

And so with rue I now leave

This joyful vision of a lie

For I see the darkened thoughts behind


Farewell! I fly from this dreadful lie

So that the winter of men will never again strike upon us


Lo for me high beyond the trees

Flying in the sky

Toward the Sun


*inspired by "A Hamlet for a Slothful Vassal" by Theatre of Tragedy