bartender give me one more fake feeling

insted of the sky i see a white celling

seeing what is shown insted of showing what is me',

ive forgoten my name or how to be free

till tomoorow im a slave fuck u u and u, no one gonna tell me to shave.!

u say u know better, well, give me back my wings, and the man under the street light stands alone no one was there to listen to him moan.

finaly the sun is rising still far from shining, i find myself next to a little creack, found some frogs and grass with whom to speack.

i was given a few new words by the singing of the passing birds oh how high they fly "id do all i can to sit on a cloud on the sky" i cry

my best friend the frog jumps in the water and tells me to look how it flows, to him i said:"u are bigger then me i will learn what you have taught to me"

i went my way after the rising sun

i know my name , and gave up another one