Thesis: San Remo Conference:
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תזה: בעת ועידת סאן רמו היה מספר ה"פלסתינים" הילידים רק 150.000.

Thesis: The number of native “Palestinians” at the time of the San Remo conference was only c.150.000.
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מאז נכתב המאמר נמחק הקישור מהגוגל....

.Population of the British Mandate of Palestine

In 1922 the British undertook the first census of the mandate. The population was 752,048, comprising 589,177 Muslims, 83,790 Jews, 71,464 Christians and 7,617 persons belonging to other groups. The 1922 figures may refer to both banks of the Jordan river, at least for the non-Jews. After a second census in 1931, the population had grown to 1,036,339 in total, comprising 761,922 Muslims, 175,138 Jews, 89,134 Christians and 10,145 people belonging to other groups. There were no further censuses but statistics were maintained by counting births, deaths and migration. Some components such as illegal immigration could only be estimated approximately. In 1945 a demographic study showed that the population had grown to 1,764,520, comprising 1,061,270 Muslims, 553,600 Jews, 135,550 Christians and 14,100 people of other groups.

Other      Xian         Jewish           Muslim        Total          Year

1922           752,048         589,177(78%)       83,790 (11%)       71,464 (10%)       7,617 (1%)
1931        1,036,339        761,922 (74%)     175,138(17%)       89,464 (9%)        10,145 (1%)
1945        1,764,520      1,061,270(60%)     553,600(31%)     135,550(8%)         14,100 (1%)

In 1920 at the Conference of San Remo held at San Remo , Italy , the League of Nations mandate over Palestine was assigned to Britain. This territory at this time included all of what would later become the State of Israel , the Gaza Strip , the West Bank , a part of the Golan Heights , and the Kingdom of Jordan . The population of this area was approx. 750,000 (11% Jewish). It was multi-ethnic but spoke mainly Arabic and was largely Muslim in faith. Because of their European origin most Jews spoke Yiddish rather than Hebrew . It contained a significant Bedouin population (approx. 270,000), and substantial groups of Druze , Syrians, Sudanese, Circassians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Hejazi Arabs (many of them were of the 1,000,000 refugees who fled west after the Hashemite Hejaz - Saudi Nejd war).

* * * * *

ע"פ הנתונים לעיל האוכלוסייה המוסלמית הילידית ב-1920 כללה בסביבות 150.000 נפש בלבד.

הסבר : לחסר ממספר המוסלמים שהיה 589.000, 270.000 בדואים ונותרים 319 אלף. מהם להוריד כ-50.000 דרוזים (על פי הערכה), ובהמשך להוריד רק (!!) 10% (100.000) ממספר הפליטים ממלחמת חיג`א (מיליון פליטים) אנו נותרים עם 150.000 ילידים "פלסתינים". 

  According to the data above NATIVE Muslim population counted only c.150.000 in c.1920.

Explanation: Take off from the total number of Muslims (589.000) the Bedouin (270.000, we are left with c.319.000 Arabs. Take off the “substantial number of Druze” (50.000?), we get c.250.000. Take off only 10% of the million refugees who fled after the Hejaz [2] War – about 100.000, ( who are not local, they are refugees) and one is left with perhaps 150.000 local native Arabs.

However: The estimated number of Palestinians all over World by the end of 2005 is 10.1 million. . Palestinians in Diaspora and in Historic Palestine End Year 2005

i.e., from 150.000 local natives in 1920 they became 10.000.000.

The Estimated number of world Jewry before WWII was 20.000.000!
After the Holocaust it was 14.000.000.
In 2010 the estimated number of Jews all over the world is c.13.750.000