You will be so sorry when you'll understand what have you missed,

When you'll realize that I'm gone now and you just missed the last chance of getting me back.

You never seemed to know what is the effect of your words on me,

And how it changes my mood completely when you do those things you do to hurt me.

When I think of you I see the face of an angel, and when your angel disappoints you, you feel it just can't get worst.

I know I can't blame you, I have no right and I know that your suffer a lot this days, from much bigger problems,

But still I can't stop being mad, mad on you, on the situation, and about life thinking they're just not fair for us.

When we fight we both know we don't want to do this, we know that we need each other, but still I find myself having the same argues with you every other day.

We might be better of apart, and we may just leave each other alone,

But maybe there are still hope and chances that can't be missed.

Maybe there are no last chances; there is always something that can be done.