I don't know why I need to run, I know just this That how to survive. I try to look back, To see what hiding there, But behind me it's all black, The shaddow of death is rule. I'm running from my past, Look forward to my future. Living life of terror, Try to find salvation. And when I'm on my way, My world is doom. And the creatures of the night Are coming to destroy. The sea is now retreating, Under me the earth collapsed. I'm trying to fight, But I can just run away. I'm suffering so bad, I feel like burning inside, I cry tears of blood, My skin is searing. And when I fall down, Kneeling to my grave, She come before me, My angel came back to me. She comfort me now, Kiss my lips, Warm me, make the pain go, Embrace me to her heart. Now my world is back together, Finally I'm free again, But I'm loosing grip, And my love is gone away.