In this late hour of the night When comes the thoughts of wrong and right I lie down and slowly slip away To the place where start begin at end And there she was, my sunshine ray The greatest light in this dark land My heart beat start to rush Seeing her makes me feel this gush She was so beautiful in the sunset In the place where start begin at end Under the shining stars, again, we met I wondered "from where this angel sent" When her emerald eyes met mine Then I notice how much they shine From all the tears she ever had In the place where start begin at end I looked at her and got so sad In my arms she found a solace, on my shoulders was her head I put my hand on her soft black hair Leaving her I could not bear I put my head on her warm breast and tears of joy I cried Her lips who were as red as blood I kissed After a night full of pleasure I will make her my bride Without her I will cease to exist But then came the dawn with a new light And I woke up on an empty bed There goes my dream with the night And all that left is sad I forgot about my dreamy girl And came back to what that real The sun above us that give us light Could never reach my lonely heart