A worthy man are you
But your mind has gone away
Each time anew-
You only walk astray

One told me a story
About you, you see
But you have been refered to-
Only as a "he".

He walked down the pavement
Saw a car park,
Instead of just ignoring-
He started to bark
The man got out
Do you think he was sweet?
He Scared the "He"
Out of his wits...

Another incident was in his base
When He had a chat,
She looked at him so pleasently
Her lover thought, 'twas a flurt
The lover grabbed him by the shirt
But He was with a gun.
After this was ended
He told us he had 'fun'.

A Third occasion was-
At another base
He had to guard a gate
Suddenly came men
And started to debate
The men full with rage
Gave a little threat
The poor guy "He"
Was starting to sweat

There passed a week or more
Not too sunny, or rain
So Our little Hero-
Boarded on a train!

This story is the worst of all
Would you like to hear?
Hold back your breath, hold tight!
For you will die of fear!

One bright morn
He was in the train
And He was quiet asleep
Sat near a group
That never stopped to beep

He-a person of quality and nice,
Spoke to the Company
Rather with desguise

On his way back home
Full of surprise...
He met the three men
The ones whom He despised,

Three strong men
With muscles, and tall
They seem as if something-
They could break a wall

A small creature-
As thin as He-
I wonder how now,
He would have to flee-
Not to fight with all the three-

They mocked him
They laughed-
He was ill at ease
Went straight to the crew
Saying " Help! please!..."

Hung up to his friend
But still was in talk-
He had to runaway!
Only He decided to walk

He fetched the crew
Security guard
Swung behind'em like a dog-
Untill they said" we've arrived-
Now! don't wait!
Jump as a frog!"

Just in the nick of time
With full speed and haste
Went straight to a cab,
Left with a bitter tatse!

That was the story,
About  a gentle boy, and humble
But never keeps his nose-
Out of trouble!