I wanna believe that after death the souls are taken to an
immortal land
Which is ever green and always shiny
With flowers that surround every path that is taken by the

I wanna believe that there is not such a thing as death
But rather a long sleep with waking up one day
To find oneself in the midst of an Island
With trees that grow near the ocean's streams
Where the yellow sun always shine upon the living creatures Who move slowly on the grassy field

Let me not know about those who suffer for life-
But rather stay young forever, with the merry spirit that Reminds
Of young days of children that have not yet seen grief
But run in the fields catching butterflies in all the
rainbow colors
That are shown through the fog with the help of the
immortal sun

Let me imagine about the beautiful world that awaits us
About the beauty that wants us to come and see and invite
Our relatives to join the dance of everlasting music that
calls us
By names of it's own

Let me believe that there are infinite worlds of
everlasting air
Where the souls group together and all become One