Once a long time was lived a king in the desert. His population was a thirsty to water.

One day, came to the kingdom a prophet with the magic cat. When the king heard about him, he asked from the soldier to bring him in front of him and make to him a meal.

Thereat, the prophet traveled in the streets and saw a lot of idols with offering of the birds and he got a shocked.

When he saw the king, he told to him: "I know why your population thirsty to water. Take a big jar and get him to me but remember. if I succeed to take out water from the rock so your kingdom believed in my god. If I don´t, you can to kill me, ok?" the king agreed to the deal and gave him three days.

After the three days, he called to the prophet and saw a lot of water in the jar who give him.

Since than, the kingdom stopped to believe in the idols and started to believe in one god.